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Top Quality Spanish Horse Breeding




JRR Doma Clasica Excellente


Listed in the Recommended breeding stock book of Spain


Imported from Spain, bred by Enrique de Benito.

Approved with Oldenburg Verband in 2019 !!!



Abanico is a 16,1 h tall stallion of pure Guardiola lines. He was shown successfully at Intermediate 2 (baby Grand Prix). He achieved the Calificado status in Spain in 2013 with the highest score or that year.


Abanico is not your typical PRE. He is from the new sport-type and has movement to compete internationally against warmbloods. He normally has 8’s in his extensions, and has a swinging trot with lots of elevation. 

Spain inspectors gave him the highest ‘morphology for dressage ‘score in North America, with a high 103,75. He also has an outstanding 102,31 for movement.

In 2019 the German judges came from the Oldenburg GOV t have him approved for their studbook. They were impressed by his movement and elasticity and said they haven't seen any PRE in North America with this type of movement.


Abanico’s sons are spread all over Europe and America and compete in FEI young horse classes with high scores. In addition to his wonderful performances, Abanico has the sweetest dispositions you can find. He is brave and loyal, and even compassionate. He can be handled and ridden by amateur and kids.

He transmits this amazing temperament to his offspring.


Semen priced at 1500$ for fresh cooled or frozen. Limited fresh cooled every year.


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