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Top Quality Spanish Horse Breeding

Why Do We Breed PRE Horses (Andalusians)?

The PRE Horse has been bred for centuries for its unique beauty and amazing temperament. The characteristic features are the high-set neck and expressive head, the short back and rounded croup, the refined leg and magnificent mane and tail--have defined the standard for equine beauty since the Renaissance.The PRE Horse is unmatched in its trainability, and sensibility, gaits and forward movement. The PRE Horse is the world's newest developing sport horse breed. Demand for well-bred and trained PREs exceeds the supply in America . PRE horses represent the most sought-after traits of the modern Dressage horse : a trot with suspension, freedom of the shoulder with knee action in front, a canter supported by a powerful hind-quarters with flexibility of the croup and a natural capacity to carry the weight underneath the body and a clear four-beat walk.The style of movement always associated with Iberian horses has now become desired by FEI-level riders and pursued by warmblood breeders.




Olympics in Atlanta '96 which was the first time a Spanish dressage team reached an Olympic final. They had 2 PREs on the team : "Evento", "Flamenco" and "Invasor" (the latter as reserve). 

Sydney 2000: The team included "Invasor" and "Distinguido" who finished in 7th place.

2002 Jerez WEG : Spain won the bronze medal with "Invasor" and "Distinguido". 

2004 Athens Olympics: Two P.R.E. horses were part of this team: "Invasor" and "Oleaje" 

2010 Lexington WEG : Norte Lovera, Fuego de Cardenas and G-Nidium. Fuego places 4th after the Freestyle.

2012 London Olympics : Fuego de Cardenas and Grandioso made it possible for Spain to place 6th.

2014 WEGS Normandy : stallions Norte Lovera and Grandioso make it possible for Spain to finish 4th !


Emilie Laval

As a young 10 yrs old, Emilie discovered dressage and fell in love with the disciplin. In 2007, she was qualified for the Quebec Equestrian Games. In 2008 she won the silver medal for 1st level in Estrie on her stallion Styleschutz. 

In 2010 she was gold medalist for 2nd level, and in 2011 she was gold medalist for 3rd level with Styleschutz. She showed her Andalusian gelding at 4th level in 2012. Since then she has been showing at least one horse at Prix-St-Georges level, and young horse levels every year.

Since a couple of months, she trains with FEI 4* Lee Tubman .


She has also been riding with trainers riders such as  Christian Schacht, Arthur Kottas, 

Evelyn Labrie, Etienne Leroy, Ruth Poulsen-Hogan, Jeremy Steinberg, Olympian Rafael Soto ,Jean-Luc Cornille, Olympian David Marcus, Nicholas Fyffe, Jane Savoie, Pam Goodrich, Linda Oliver and Olympian Juan Manuel Munoz .






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